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Dobizness.Com is the global business opportunities platform, connecting millions of buyers and suppliers across countries daily, for better and enhanced global trade. Use it!
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Dobizness Services

Lets do Business on Dobizness Global B2B Platform

Global B2B Marketplace

Dobizness.Com offers an integrated global B2B platform for worldwide business opportunities. Our platform is available globally and assists businesses, manufacturers, distributors, buyers, suppliers and producers to trade more smartly through our global platform.

So are you having problems going global? Do you wish to put your business and products on the global front burners? Do you seek more buyers and more business opportunities? Are you seeking to expand into more foreign markets? Dobizness.Com B2B platform is the right place for you and your business to be. Besides listing on our platform, you get an additional showroom to display your products and services and attract more clients. We give you a FREE website once you create your account on Dobizness.Com

Business Matchmaking

Trying to find a foreign or local company to distribute your products? Looking for a local or foreign partner to enter into a joint venture? Want to acquire a company to get a head start? Dobizness.Com can be your matchmaker by utilizing our extensive connections and partnerships to identify companies, contacting them, and putting you in a position to close your deal.

Deal Assistance

Dobizness.Com can assist you in making your deals happen. From initial contacts, to arranging and closing deals, to travelling with you in visiting companies, we have internal support resources to help you close your deal on your terms.

Dobizness.Com can also arrange for specialized deal support services you may need such as accounting, legal, and tax advisors.

Franchising Services

Do you franchise your business? Are you looking at franchising your business? Do you seek valuable franchises to buy? Our team of dedicated Business Solutions Officers is on hand 24/7 to help you through with your franchising requirements and offers, to help you get the right franchise to matches your goals, strategies and pocket.

Give us a chat and you are sure to receive free consulting services.

Local Representation

Dobizness.Com provides local representation services to meet your local requirements including:

• Representing your local operating company as representatives, partners or agents

• Representing you in a transaction.

• Representing you on government or regulatory actions

• Representing you in conferences, fairs and negotiations

Product and Customized Sourcing

Having trouble finding a supplier of a product? Companies not responding to your inquiries? Dobizness.Com can help you source your products by utilizing our member database and partnerships to identify companies, contacting them, and putting you in a position to close your deal.

Bargain Buys and Excess Stock

Dobizness negotiates and gets cheap prices on stocks of goods for our clients. Through our bargain buys, we negotiate and get you the cheapest prices so that you can make more profit. It is our own way of helping you take advantage of surplus stocks and discounted prices from sellers and manufacturers around the world.

Dobizness.Com also helps businesses dispose their excess stocks and inventory in a timely and cost effective manner. With our Dobizness.Com Bargain buy excess stock services, you can focus on your core business while we focus on your excess stock.

Verification Services

You have found your supplier, distributor or partner online. Are these guys for real? Dobizness.Com can help you verify the company you are in contact with, offering verification services, including credit reports and company status reports, as well as entering into contact with the company.

Verification Services

Dobizness.Com also offers inspection services to suit your requirements. For manufactured products, this includes inspecting manufacturing processes, production and final products. For agricultural products, this includes inspecting the production process from the farms to the ports, guaranteeing that the products follow the specific requirements from buyers.

Trade Shows

Dobizness.Com provides multiple services in regards to trade shows including:

• Organizing and arranging trade shows and exhibitions

• Arranging trade shows in Nigeria and Africa

• Arranging and setting up booths for companies

• Representing companies in their booths

• Representing companies at trade shows to network on behalf of clients.

Selling and Buying Leads

On Dobizness.Com you can view business trade offers: buying offers posted by importers and buyers from across the globe and selling offers posted by Manufacturers, exporters and Suppliers from round the World.

In the same vein you can post your own buying and selling leads for suppliers and buyers around the world to see and contact you. It is that easy

Business Alerts

Dobizness.Com provides businesses with timely alerts for that needed opportunities. We keep you in the loop so that you do not miss those offers and deals. Why? Some products are in stock for only a limited period. Except you know you miss. When you let us know what products you want we let you know when they are available. This is a fast, cheap and powerful way to get them to deal.

Business Catalogues and Directory Listing

An important way your businesses can get found is through inclusion in dynamic directories. Dobizness.Com offers global listing of businesses according to sector and product basis. This makes it easy for your business to be discovered anywhere around the World.

Dobizness.Com makes the search easier by breaking down listings into country basis. Thus, when you list on Dobizness you are listed on a global directory, your regional directory, your country directory, your business directory and again, on your product directory.

Periodically Dobizness.Com produces business catalogues for worldwide usage. This proves to be a valuable visibility aid for businesses and their products.


Our TrustDeal Certificate provides transparency regarding the identity and legitimacy of your business as a Supplier. Dobizness.Com TrustDeal members are verified and authenticated by a third-party agency in addition to scaling our approval processes.

When you become a TrustDeal member others can be sure that they are dealing with a legitimate company. This is a sure way to gain credibility and more business.

Premium Membership

Dobizness.Com offers premium membership to discerning businesses. With premium membership you get up to 20 times more buyer enquiries than basic members

Our premium membership classes are Silver and Gold.

You can upgrade to premium membership from free membership in Dobizness.Com portal to avail your business of more benefits for enhancing your business.

Market Analysis & Reports

Is your company entering a new market and needs detailed information about a sector? Or you have an investment plan and want access to more information before making a decision? Dobizness.Com, through its partners, can help your company with this process. We have a range of products that can meet your need:

Sector Reports - Industry reports containing structural information, detailed analysis of the relevant factors, historical investment, SWOT analysis, situation, prospects, risk scenario, and key indicators.

Market Flashes - Presentations containing executive overview of the relevant industry/sector, key players, market size, market share, SWOT analysis, perspectives and drivers, data on mergers, acquisitions, investments and macroeconomic indicators.

Risk Report - Report that addresses the risks in the sector (by rating) and its main businesses, presenting the strengths and weaknesses of the market to make up the risk scenario.

Some of the areas covered:

• Agricultural Machines

• Motorcycles and Bikes

• Light and heavy vehicles

• Tires

• Mining

• Pulp and Paper

• Soy and Derivatives

• Meat

• Soft Drinks and Mineral Water

• beer

• Chocolates and Candies

• Biodiesel

• Sugarcane Industry

• Textile and Garment

• Shoes

• Furniture

• Computer Equipment

• Telecommunications

• Appliances

• Construction

• Cosmetic and Toiletry

• Public Health

• Transport

• Education Institutions

• Hotels and Tourism

• Banks

Do not waste time! Contact our team now to learn more information about the market analysis and reports and prices.

Customs & Logistics Services

Dobizness.Com can arrange for exports and imports of products through our database of service providers and our contracted partners. These services include customs, logistics and coordinating any government approvals.

Our partners can provide both domestic and international transportation services.

Setting up your company

Dobizness.Com has advised and assisted companies in setting up their local operating or representative companies in Nigeria, working to find the best structure that is suitable to our client’s requirements, minimizing tax and operational expenses as much as possible.

We are the single-point-of-contact, organizing legal, tax, human resources and accounting advisors for implementation, and, if needed, ongoing support.

Advertise on Dobizness.Com

Dobizness.Com also offers direct banner and text advertisement on the platform. We avail businesses the chance to expose their products and services to the teaming visitors on the site and to our listed businesses.

What product, service or event do you have? Advertise it on Dobizness.com

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